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aboutThe Void

The Void started out as a project called the Realm which was based off of a round voxel world that was a survival game with competitive aspects and later went from round to cubes. The start of the cubes was when I purchased a toolkit from Unreal Tefel at youtube.com/UnrealTefel and I took his toolkit and started adding new features for my project and what I needed!

Void Voxel

What is the Void?

The void is a voxel based survival game.  Multiplayer allows people to host there own servers with me planning to run one or two servers. I will release tools to make modding easier and custom servers more accessible. The void's survival is quite unique compared to other survival games. I have an "optional" story. What I mean by this is it is still sandbox but there's a story on about how and why you are there but it isn't given to the player. I also plan to add many scifi and fantasy items to the game. Basically the game is a sandbox game to explore and create worlds.